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Tornado Maker

Each year in the United States we get thousands of very high-powered Tornadoes. Hundreds of these cyclones become very serious to population bases, which are in their vicinity. Severe weather is a common occurrence when cold and warm fronts meet and severe thunderstorms can cause huge energy events and turbulence creating Tornadoes. Hurricanes often also create Tornadoes beyond their eyes to their outer bands.

It takes a lot of energy and turbulence to create a good sized Tornado, but once started often they grow and have a mind of their own, collecting everything in their path like a Super Shop Vac. Mother Nature creates incredible weather events which leave onlookers, meteorologists and their victims in utter awe and horrific terror. Is it possible for mankind to create storms and tornadoes of this magnitude? Well, it just very well may be. How so you ask?.

It has been proposed recently by me that we use high-powered high-energy lasers to create tornadoes under full control and collect the date. Make the Tornadoes so they spin the opposite way of nature so they will dissipate once made rapidly. Then use this data to create anti-Tornado Tornadoes to attack killer Nature caused Tornadoes and then dissipate quickly. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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