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Trends in Lunar Colony Research

In 2005 The Presidential Initiative to establish a Lunar Colony in stages and to use that as a launching platform to Mars was announced. A new appointment to become the head of NASA was made and the transformation of our Space Shuttle program efforts to a greater cause beyond the International Space Station was established. Mankind will return to the moon, mine materials on the moon for a self-sustaining energy system, production of gases for life support and propulsion as well as gathering metals, moon dust and elements to make spacecraft parts, concrete material and the colony its self. Currently the vision is clear, the Lunar Colony will be come a jumping off point for mankind to boldly go where no man has gone before. It will be a platform void of the gravitational effects holding us down in our efforts to seek the forward progression of the species and go to the next step.

In 2006 we will continue to see a push from the bottom up with our next generation thru education and contests in schools and colleges to produce future engineers, mathematicians and scientists to see this mission thru. In 2006 we will see more NASA education systems and public relations from both the government and the emerging privatization of space commercial sector. We will see additional investment and venture capital flows into BioTech, NanoTech, Material Sciences, Robotics, Aerospace and other industries which push the Space Agenda forward in hopes of collecting some of the money flows from research grants and eventually the bigger prize of Space Tourism, Mining and Exploration.

All of this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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