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UFO Propulsion Discussed

Many people are UFO believers and believe in alien beings and actually the funny part of all of this is that other life forms exist everywhere and so it stands to reason that they also exist on other Worlds.That should be a given, although religious literature and religious pre-conditioning has made it somewhat less than obvious for many human minds. But let us discuss another aspect to all of this and that is the ability to create, dream and build up ideas and new concepts.You see Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov the very famous Science Fiction writers used their imagination to create futuristic possibilities and future space propulsion systems. The idea of UFOs is often considered to be science fiction fantasy or even absolutely ludicrous yet it need not be.

Some could say that Voodoo Witch Doctors of Haiti are ludicrous yet millions believe in them.By putting aside one's belief system and considering the UFO concept we can use that to help us build better propulsion systems for future human exploration space systems and why not? If we consider a space machine, which travels faster than the speed of light and believe we can indeed build one or even warp the fabric of space time, then we are well on our way to achieving the dream.So in this case would it really matter if someone believes in a God, Religious Literature or UFOs? Perhaps not as each one can help humans achieve their future goals. A little coffee shop philosophy for your restless mind perhaps, so consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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