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Using Time Judiciously And Multiplying Available Time

Using Time Judiciously And Multiplying Available Time Time has three phases, the past, the present and the future. We all know it pretty well that it is the present that we actually live in, however most people waste their time in planning/worrying about the future or thinking about the past. For example when you have committed some thing wrong some time back you continue to feel sorry about it for quite some time and thereby waste lot of time on it unnecessarily.

The very thought coming to your mind that you should not have done something or why you did it etc. are wasteful thoughts. We should take a lesson from our past but that is all about it.

By thinking about whatever you have already done, things cannot be changed in any case so why to think about that continuously. Past is past, there is no point in regretting about it or feeling bad about it. We should think what can now be done and what should be done. In the same manner we lose lot of time in mere dreaming about the future. I am reminded of a story, which I narrate here. Once a rich farmer was very happy with his servant whose name was Sheikh Chilli.

He gave him a pot of milk as reward. As Sheikh Chilli was not married he thought of selling it off in the nearby market and make some money. As he was proceeding to the market he started thinking and planning about future that he will build for himself with this money. He calculated that he would get two Anna's (measure of money at that time) with this milk in the market. He planned that he would buy little gram with that money which he will sell it to workers in the fields in afternoon along with free water. He will further buy gram with what he would get and one day he will be having enough money to buy a cow.

After buying cow he will sell all the milk in the local market reaping large profits. After few months he would have enough money and will marry Ramu's daughter who lives nearby. He would soon have children and grand children. He will be very happy then and there would be no need to work for him then. He will just relax whole day and if anybody asked him to do any thing he will shake his head in negative. He shook his head as if he was actually in the future and the pot came down spilling all the milk he was carrying.

With that all his plans came to end and he lost what he had in hand. I would like to add here that it is only present moment that you live in. Tomorrow never comes and when it comes it becomes today so just learn the art of living your today to perfection and you would do well. Manage Your Time Well: I wish I had 48 hours a day! But god has given us only 24 hours. There is too much of job pressure on me! How do I do it! Is there a way out? Well you can still do it by managing your available time well.

Usually, there is not much you can do about the amount of work that needs to be done. But there is a way; you can increase the effective time available to you. A recent time management study by the University of Leicester, in England, found that for every hour we spend working only 30 minutes are actually productive work. The rest of the time, we waste on little or no value tasks.

The study also found that most people worked in short bursts followed by periods of waiting, distraction or mini-breaks. Just think: If you could do two hour's worth of work every hour, you would be able to pack 48 hours into each day! It does not require much of practice just a little planning will do you good. The first thing to remember is that you cannot afford to waste time in waiting at any point of time.

I will like to give an illustration to explain this point. I was to meet some body and I had taken prior appointment for it. To my dismay when I reached at appointed time I was asked to wait for an hour as the dignitary, to whom I had gone to meet, came to office one hour late due to delay in his flight. The delay was obviously beyond his control and I cannot blame him for that but what do I do for next one hour, I truly did not know. There was one another gentle man who was also in the waiting.

To my amazement he took out his writing pad and started writing letters. In one hour of waiting period he wrote at-least five letters. It was an eye opener incidence for me. You can similarly utilize such time over which you otherwise have little control. How To Multiply Time? Bad work habits usually result from some form of fear of failure or procrastination.

You learn, over For details how to master control over time please visit http://www.lulu.com/content/207853 http://www.lulu.

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By: Anil Kumar

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