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Vibrational Muscle Rejuvenation Device

Soon scientists will figure out a way to help muscles grow more dense and stronger during a workout and prevent fatigue in the process. This will be done by taking the wasted jarring motion during workouts and using it to make energy. A device will be used to generate this energy by way of electromagnetic induction, which will be re-directed back into the body.

Meaning one could maintain peak performance for hours on end, while strengthening their muscles as they go.Just think faster recovery from the workout and thus lactic acid build up would not occur to that large of a degree. Sending the increased energy back into the muscles and re-directing it to the normal and proper nerve frequencies will really be something great. A person in a marching band could carry a bigger trombone or tuba without worrying about injury. A wrestler could run five times as many stadium steps without worries of pulling a calf muscle and a runner could put on twice the miles without injury and unlike steroid drugs it would be natural.

Almost anyone could become a marathoner.If you wore such a device on your head and redirected at brain frequencies which are normal to human immune system you could protect your brain while working out, decrease problems of disease and think at a higher level and well you could have a "Zen" experience, while working out you see?.When we talk about the use of human motion to power up an LED light while walking or jogging, generally we have been discussing outward projection of self, rather than inward; outward, as in light to increase visibility of surroundings. Now then what if the body and the eyes had a better view and were working better on their own frequencies then would one see better? Are the human eyes capable of the increase of our own natural waves? Would we be increasing the human energy output? Projection of the sole so to speak?.The reason I make this comment is because we know all living things have an energy plume and everything has a electromagnetic field even if it ever so slight, an electromagnetic signature, even a rock. If you add to that signature using its own resonance only increased then the entire system whether it is a tree root or a human or your favorite pet, then it would have greater presence so to speak.

Everything would be as it is suppose to be only more alive. Human energy. If we take the wasted energy of the pounding of the carbon based bipod and turn it into light, well we could also turn it into heat or re-direct it back within to run the bio-system better, using the vibrational energy. So why waste the inefficiency of human motion? Use it to light up the path or increase the presence of the individual or take it all and store to reduce the presence of the individual if that was your goal. Projection or collection, what difference does it make, as it is all energy to me or for me right? What about you? Think about it.


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By: Lance Winslow

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