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Voice Activated Bedroom for The Net Centric Home

Have you ever considered all the things people have to do in the morning to get ready to go to work? For instance get up go in the shower run some hot water over your face. But you also have to start the coffee pot otherwise your coffee will not be ready in time, unless you have one of those special coffee makers with a timer on it, which you have to remember to set the night before. Then you have to get the newspaper, but you are not really wishing to freeze your toushy buns off in the early morning, plus god help you if the neighbors see you in that condition? There is a better way of course, one, which will be a lot less stressful and make your life easier. How so you ask?.You need a Smart House with all the proper robotic assistants is what you need.

For instance you must get one of those Voice Activated Bedrooms, which makes you bedroom in to a command and control Ops Center. You see you need a new Net Centric Home to fight time in the modern battlespace and all this to go with your SmartCar Urban Assault SUV, you see? First the Net Centric war room (bedroom) is ready for your command Sir. You tell the system to start the hot water in the shower at 102 degrees.

Then say; "Kitchen Wake Up!" Then order coffee and breakfast to be made, the system knows this means you want the newspaper too. So the robotic dog fetches the newspaper. If the newspaper boy screwed up and did not deliver it, your dog is set to grab the neighbor's paper instead. Don't worry about the future, just listen to me; I'll get you through all this no sweat.

Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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