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Giant Acoustic Arrays to Arrest Locust Plagues - One concept, which is being floated in the scientific community to stop locust plagues from devastating the landscape is to use directional sound beams to stop them as they fly and eat their way across the countryside? But is it really possible? T.

Business Administration Degrees Online - Getting business administration degrees online is very helpful for working adults who want to earn degrees in business administration but are not able to do devote time to commuting and being physically present in class.

Choice Theory - Choice Theory You have listened to me for a year now talking about Choice Theory but I know I've never really explained what Choice Theory is.

How Do Bees Really Fly Think Tank Discussion - It was recently determined that Bees aerodynamically speaking cannot fly.

Sewer Treatment and Waster Water Environmental Trends Discussed - One of the greatest assets in this present period for any civilization are the sewer treatment plants.

Expand your Horizons with a Bachelor Degree Online - There are many people that dream of getting a bachelors degree, but the thought of interrupting their career or family life to attend traditional classes seems impossible.

The College Admissions Myth The Keys to Gaining Admission - I?ve worked in college admissions for a number of years and understand the politics of admission to college.

Artificial Anticipation Brainwave Inducement - There are many situations in life, which are dangerous and a simple warning sign will not serve as good enough warning.

Secret Societies and Conspiracy Theories for Bob - Recently in an online think tank we were discussing the potential need to modify human life for long-term space flight because currently humans bones cannot take that long-term mission and because well they eat too much.

Taking the Guesswork Out Of College Admissions - It?s nothing to be ashamed of.

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