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Melting Enemy Micro Mechanical Swarms - Is there are way to melt micro-mechanical insect size swarming MAVs [micro air vehicles] if they cam at you in large swarms? What if they are sent by the enemy and each one is capable of putting a deadly toxin in your body or has a small detonatio.

MAV Micro Air Vehicle Propulsion Discussion - Can we build a dragonfly size robotic little doo hickey, which can fly around using vibrational technologies to increase its efficiency in flight? Meaning less fuel expended and/or less battery usage? What if we could do all this with acoustic tra.

Spray on Dirt Research and Development - For protecting military assets in the modern battlefield is paramount and therefore spray on dirt may be a concept worth research and development dollars.

Design and Build Your Career Get an Architecture Degree - What Does an Architecture Degree Involve?.

Body Sharing Brain Transfer System - Can one body share two brains worth of information, more than one identity? We know that there are folks with schizophrenia right? It is not that uncommon either in fact it is more than one in one hundred people.

IT Intelligent Terminal - In the future there will be intelligent terminals.

Are You Better Off With a College Degree - There are many advantages in holding a college degree.

Artificial Intelligence Memory Recognition Training - For it artificial intelligence computer system to work properly it must be trained to adapt, move and make decisions based on the input from its sensors.

Tornado Maker - Each year in the United States we get thousands of very high-powered Tornadoes.

Robotic Swarms for Hurricane Clean Up is in Our Future - We all realize now that the severe devastation, which can be brought to us via Mother Nature during these ever-increasing Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Seasons.

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